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Boss BR80 Micro BR Portable Digital Recorder
Meet the ultimate palmtop recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-power..
Boss DR3 Dr Rhythm drum machine
A Fast and Easy Solution for Professional-Sounding Drums. With the DR-3 Dr. Rhythm, guitari..
Chord Studio Monitor Stands (pair)
This robust monitor speaker stand is an ideal solution for studio, home or small projects. Th..
£49.95 £29.99
QTX Mini line Level Mixer
Mini line level & instrument mixers Compact format Battery or power ad..
Roland Rubix 22 USB Audio Interface
2-In/2-Out, High-Resolution Interface for Mac, PC and iPad Rubix22 offers a perf..
Stagg KEB-A10 Keyboard Stool
Keyboard bench with "X" folding legs Height adjustable in 3 positions with safety lock-screw..
Yamaha DGX-650B Portable Grand Digital Piano
More than just a great piano The DGX-650 offers the playability of a real acoustic piano with..
Yamaha EZ-220 Light up Keyboard
The EZ-220 is the perfect keyboard to make learning, playing and connecting to iPad “EZ!” You’ll ..
Yamaha NP12 Portable Piano - Piaggero series
Exquisite tone in a light, compact instrument—the Piaggero NP Series portable keyboards are an id..
Yamaha NP32 Portable Piano - Piaggero series
Exquisite tone in a light, compact instrument—the Piaggero NP Series portable keyboards are an id..
Yamaha P45B Portable Digital Piano inc stand
Take a great piano with you wherever you go.. (stand sold separately) Graded Hammer Standard ..
Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard
61-key, entry-level Portable Keyboard featuring a wide variety of sounds and functions the PSR-E2..
Yamaha PSR-E363 Portable keyboard
Great sound and versatile performance features. Versatile functions and an expressive touch-s..
Yamaha PSR-F51 Portable keyboard
Easy, user-friendly and fun! A starter keyboard for anyone who wants to enjoy playing music. ..
Zoom H1 Handy Digital Recorder
The ultra-compact H1 Handy Recorder brings new meaning to the term "portability." Small enough to..
Studiomaster DigiLive 16 Digital Mixing Console
Introducing the Studiomaster digiLivE16 mixer – 16 inputs, motorised faders, large touc..
Peavey P2 Powered Line Array System
The Peavey P2 powered line array system is the perfect solution to provide a wide audience covera..
£745.00 £595.00
NJS800 61 Key Full Size Digital Electronic Keyboard Kit
  The NJS800 Full Size Digital Electronic Keyboard Kit offers outstanding..
NJS801 54 Key Full Size Chidlrens Keyboard Kit
This NJS Digital Keyboard is an excellent first keyboard for the young learner with a keen in..
AKG P170 High-performance instrumental microphone
The P170 is a small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording of overheads, percussion, acoust..
NJS 7 Piece Drum Microphone Kit with Carry Case
Cuts through the mix for lead and backing vocals The D5 professional dynamic vocal microp..
Prodipe Midi to USB Audio interface
Interface MIDI USB 1in/1out When you connect your computer to a midi keyboard it becomes a pr..
Prodipe Pro M85 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
An absolute must for vocalists During the development of the Prodipe M-85, we placed a huge e..
Prodipe TT1 Pro Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Combining Ludovic Lanen's mastery of sound with the expertise of one of the best microphone manuf..
Stagg DM-5010H Dynamic Bass drum microphone
Dynamic microphone for kick drum Polar Pattern: Cardioid (unidirectional) Output I..
Stagg DM-5020H Dynamic Snare/Tom drum microphone
Dynamic microphone for tom & snare drum   Polar Pattern: Cardioid (unidi..
Stagg SDM50 Dynamic Microphone
Professional cardioid dynamic microphone with cartridge DC78 - Uses: Vocal and instrumental ..
Stagg Studio Microphone Shock Mount
Elastic Suspension for studio condenser microphones Isolates the microphone from strong mech..
Baile 48 Bass Piano Accordion
Commission Sale - Please Call regarding payment. In reasonable condition and working order. ..
DBX 266XS Professional Compressor / Gate
Bring a more professional sound to your mix Adding a dbx® 266xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate to yo..