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Chord 11cm Cabasa
Wooden afuche cabasa with chromed beads and grip handle for rasping percussion effects. ..
Chord 22" Replacement Bass Drum head
Budget Bass drum skin in clear ..
Chord Bongo Drums
A pair of bongos, 6.5" and 7.5" in diameter, with tunable hide heads and a traditional rim. Featu..
Chord CAL63 Electric Guitar
A traditionally styled standard electric guitar with 3 single coil pickups. The contoured alder b..
Chord Cymbal gig bag
A durable padded gig bag for carrying and storing cymbals. Internally, the bag has 4 dividers to ..
Chord Drum Stick Bag
Drum stick bag with zip fastener which closes when folded in half. Inside, 3 pouches are stitched..
Chord Mini Cajon Shakers - Pair
Set of 2 miniature cajon styled hand shakers for percussion effects. Each has a different exo..
Chord PLB-L Low Plastic Block
Low pitched modern version of traditional wood blocks in a hard plastic resin material. Featu..
Chord Stackable Straight Microphone Stand
Straight microphone stand with cast iron base. Stackable in fives. Keyed cast ..
Chord VHF Guitar Wireless System
A VHF wireless system with a bodypack transmitter and a free-standing receiver. Ideal for gui..
Citronic 6.5" Microphone Pop Screen
Round pop screens for use with studio microphones attached to a mic stand by a flexible neck and ..
Guitar Jack Socket
Replacement 6.3mm open-style mono jack output socket for electric and electro-acoustic guitar. ..
Jingle Bells
6 pairs of steel tambourine jingles on a moulded plastic shacker stick to create rhythmic percuss..
Mini D Tambourine
Miniature D shape plastic tambourine with shaped grip and 4 pairs of jingles. Hard..
Pod Shaker
Wooden pod-shaped shaker filled with beads and painted in a red/natural/green calypso style for t..
PP World Wood Guiro & Scraper - 38cm
Fish shape tricolour finish with a Hollow body with centre scraper section. Overall length 15..
Rubberwood Tube Shaker
Wooden tube shakers filled with beads to create various percussion rhythm effects. ..
Tambourine - Half Moon
Coloured plastic D-shape tambourines with 2 x 8 sets of paired jingles and ergonomic grip. ..
Tambourine - Half Moon double D
Coloured plastic double-D-shaped tambourines with 2 x 10 sets of paired jingles and ergonomic gri..
TGI Effects Pedal DC Power Supply power Bank
Aluminium case • Overload / short circuit protection • LED indicators 9 isolated DC outputs: 1 ..
Wooden Maracas
Pair of traditional style wood painted maracas. ..
Wooden Tambourine
Crafted from finely selected woods, these tambourines are a great choice for schools, dance group..
Chord Descant Recorder
An ABS plastic descant recorder in the key of "C" with baroque fingering. Ideal for students ..
Chord Spring Guitar Capo
Metal capo with quick grip spring loaded mechanism. Ideal for acoustic or electric guitars. ..
Chord Cymbal Boom Stand
High quality cymbal boom stand. Chrome plated steel and telescopic height adjustment. Co..
Chord Drum Stool
Heavy duty drum thrones with deep padded seats and black vinyl covering. Folding double-brace..
Chord Harmonica Harness
Spring bar clamp with adjustable neck hoop for holding a harmonica in position for hands-free pla..
Chord Hexagon Drum Practice Pad
8 inch hexagonal drum pad with protective foam base for table-top stick practice. ..
Hi Hat Tambourine
Single D tambourine in black plastic with integral clamp and reinforced striking edge for mountin..
Chord Drum hardware Bag/Case
Heavy duty padded transit bag for drum hardware or other types of stands. Water resistant..