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Chord Bongo Drums - Black
A pair of bongos, 6.5" and 7.5" in diameter, with tunable hide heads and a traditional rim. Featu..
Chord Mini Cajon Shakers - Pair
Set of 2 miniature cajon styled hand shakers for percussion effects. Each has a different exo..
Chord PLB-L Low Plastic Block
Low pitched modern version of traditional wood blocks in a hard plastic resin material. Featu..
Dixon Attachment Drum Clamp
Dixon Attachment Clamp for use with Dixon drum stands. Great quality and easy to attach and adjus..
£14.99 £7.99
Dixon Cymbal Holder Arm With Grabber Clamp
Cymbal arm with felts and wingnut with adjustable Clamp ..
Jingle Bells
6 pairs of steel tambourine jingles on a moulded plastic shacker stick to create rhythmic percuss..
Meinl Aluminium Darbuka Drum
These Turkish style Meinl Darbukas are light in weight but big in sound. They feature fat lows an..
Meinl Aluminum Doumbek
Hand made entirely of aluminum, the Meinl Doumbek is outstanding in sound and quality. This instr..
Meinl Cajon Headliner Series
The MEINL Headliner® Series Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can..
Meinl Cajon Pedal
Connect with your cajon on an entirely new level with the Cajon Pedal from MEINL Percussion. This..
Meinl Cowbell Bass Drum Holder
The MEINL Cowbell Holder attaches firmly to the bass drum hoop. Rubber pads prevent scratches on ..
Meinl Foot Tambourine
•Materials: Plastic, stainless steel jingles •Features: Stainless steel jingles for bright soun..
Meinl Headliner Bongo Drums
Meinl Headliner® Series Bongos are perfect for the student or hobbyist who is looking for a high ..
Meinl Marathon FWB190AF Bongo Drums
This Bongo convinces with a stunning sound reaching from powerful mids to sharp highs. Thanks to ..
Meinl Motion Shaker
These shakers are different from the norm and provide unique sounds and tones. Ranging from the M..
Meinl Mountable Cajon Snare
The Mountable Cajon Snare is a quick and easy way to add the sound of a snare cajon to your set u..
Meinl Snare Cajon Series
The snares touch the frontplate from the inside and deliver the classical cajon sound, which is r..
Meinl Studio Shaker - medium
These Meinl Shakers are made from premium fiberglass for more durability and better sound quality..
Mini D Tambourine
Miniature D shape plastic tambourine with shaped grip and 4 pairs of jingles. Hard..
Pod Shaker
Wooden pod-shaped shaker filled with beads and painted in a red/natural/green calypso style for t..
PP Small Metal Glockenspiel
8 notes, brightly coloured metal keys, diatonic scale, key of C. Wooden frame, two plastic beater..
PP World Double Guiro - Natural
Wood, supplied with wood beater/scraper. Overall length 10 1/4" / 26cm. ..
PP World Hand Bells - 7 Bells
Wooden handle with 7 bells. 4.25" / 11.5cm. ..
PP World Mini Bongos with Beaters
Linked pair of mini bongo-style wood shell cylindrical drums, featuring natural heads and ethnicf..
PP World Wood Guiro & Scraper - 38cm
Fish shape tricolour finish with a Hollow body with centre scraper section. Overall length 15..
Rhythm Ring
This neat little gadget is the perfect accompaniment to any strummer or percussionist - uke, ..
Rubberwood Tube Shaker
Wooden tube shakers filled with beads to create various percussion rhythm effects. ..
Stagg 17cm Darbuka Drum
17 cm plain aluminium Darbuka With Tuning key - Body & hoops: aluminium - Height: 34 cm-..
Stagg 20cm Darbuka Drum
20 cm coloured aluminium Darbuka With Tuning key - Body & hoops: aluminium - Height: 34 cm..
Stagg 9.5" Cowbell
Metal cowbells with integral clamp for mounting to drum hardware.   ..