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Blackstar HT-Dual Guitar Effects Pedal

Blackstar HT-Dual Guitar Effects Pedal
Brand: Blackstar
Product Code: HT-Dual
Availability: 3-5 Days
Price: £169.00
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The HT-DUAL guitar pedal offers the ultimate in high voltage valve distortion flexibility. Channel 1 has Clean or Crunch modes and can be used clean, as a boost or overdrive. Channel 2 gives distortion tones from super crunch right up to screaming lead. The unique switching operation will transform a single channel vintage amp into a three channel tone machine.

HT-DUAL Features Overview

  • 300V HT Small Image
    Operates at 300V HT

    High voltage valve design for true valve dynamics and feel.

  • ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)

    Our patented ISF control can take you from the USA to the UK and anywhere between in seconds.

  • Two Channel Flexibility

    The HT-DUAL features two switchable channels, each of which has its own gain and level controls.

  • Speaker Emulated Output

    This is a new benchmark design for pro direct recording sounds and the easiest way to get your valve tone to tape or disk.


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