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JOYO JF-12 Ultimate Fuzz and Octave Guitar Effect Pedal

JOYO JF-12 Ultimate Fuzz and Octave Guitar Effect Pedal
Brand: JOYO
Product Code: CS-JF-12
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Price: £25.00
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"Not for the faint hearted! A great 'Hendrix' style Fuzz at a fraction of the price. If that late 60's  fuzz box sound is what you're looking for, then this is the pedal for you! The octave up switch gives you that 'little push over the cliff' for an extra brittle sound. Try it straight into a mixing desk for some real acid fuzz!"  Matt our UK product guru.

Product Information

JOYO Ultimate Octave pedal gives the guitar player some really cool options to work with.

The first of these is the standard fuzz distortion, which adds tons of layers of harmonics, which remaining smooth enough to satisfy jazz and country players. The second is the out-of-this-world octave effect, which can be engaged independently of the distortion effect. This sound is really different, and it's perfect for cool sound effects or alien-sounding tones being blended in with the raw signal.

The other features of this pedal aid and abet when it comes to reserving a permanent place in the pedal chain. The mid cut allows you to scoop out some of the body, which works nicely when thrashing out some crunchy power chords, as does the tone knob, which will be the reins on your dark, nay, bright horse - the highest notes with the octave pedal on - that sounds like tin cans falling from the sky and breaking into glass figurines on marble flooring.

Best part is there's no clean up. The JF-12 allows rock, blues, jazz, funk, fusion and even country guitar players to access creative sounds from an affordable, spicy pedal.



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