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ECO Vegan Guitar Strap

ECO Vegan Guitar Strap
Brand: TGI
Product Code: 8.EC01
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Price: £24.99
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Brazilian strap brand Basso has created a 100% vegan synthetic material which is phthalate and hydrolysis free, and completely recyclable.  This new material is much more economical and environmentally friendly than traditional non-vegan materials.  Once the material reaches its 'end of life' (around 15 years) it can be recycled into new material and start its life again! << We love this!

The Basso ECOstrap is 6cm wide with an adjustable length from 100-145cm.  The strap is printed with a buffalo pattern.

This material is:

  • Resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria, insects and rodents;
  • Resistant to most chemical reagents;
  • Good thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation;
  • Solid and shock-resistant; Impervious to gases and liquids;
  • Weather-resistant (sun, rain, wind and sea air);
  • Durable: Its useful life in buildings is over 50 years;
  • Does not spread flames;
  • Versatile and environmentally friendly;
  • Recyclable and recycled;
  • Made with low power consumption.


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