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Hohner Silver Star Harmonica
  Robust, full sounding Richter harp for the beginning player with a sensational pri..
Hohner Super Chromonica 48 Chromatic Harmonica
  • Pearwood comb • 48 Classic chromonica reeds (full 3 octave range) • 1.05 mm ..
Meinl Didgeridoo
These Didgeridoos are made of bamboo and offer a great way to get started with the oldest wind in..
Odyssey OCL20 Debut Clarinet
17 keys ABS body Simulated wood grain f..
Odyssey OFL100 Debut Flute
Odyssey Debut has been designed by Peter Pollard to be easy blowing, with great tonality and ex..
Stagg Flute/Clarinet Stand
Stand for flute or clarinet ABS support with heavy, cast iron, round base - Black. ..
Stagg Melodica
Plastic Melodica With 32 keys, mouthpiece with flexible tube and soft case Length: 16.1..
Hohner Marine Band HM Harmonica
  If there is a single style of music where the harmonica can be said to have had a ..
K&M 19740 Tablet Holder
A distinctive tensioning mechanism means this holder is suitable for attaching tablet PCs like iP..
K&M 19850 Smartphone Holder
With this elegant universal holder made out of high sheen, deep black acrylic glass, your Smartph..
K&M 19855 Tablet / iPad Stand
With this elegant universal tablet pc stand made out of high sheen, deep black acrylic glass, you..
K&M Clarinet Stand
Unique, compact clarinet stand with black plastic peg which fits all current models of clarinets...
Odyssey OCK Clarinet Care Kit
Cleaning and maintenance kit for clarinets ..
Odyssey OFS Flute Swab Cleaner
Natural cotton Flute swab. Advanced microfibers absorb more moisture and dry faster. Approx..
Odyssey OSK Saxophone Care Kit
Cleaning and maintenance kit for Saxophones. A comprehensive range of care kits and individua..
Recorder from the beginning book
by John Pitts ..
Rico Cork Grease
A must have for any woodwind player One Included ..
Stagg Alto/Tenor Saxophone Stand
Single alto/ tenor saxophone stand With folding legs - Easy to set up and stable - All metal..
Vandoren Traditional Alto Sax Reeds Triple Pack - 3 pack
This reed is designed to produce a quality of extremely pure sound due to a very thin reed tip (t..
Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds Triple Pack - 3 pack
The most widely played reeds in the world with a superiority proven over the years, these reeds s..
Aulos Recorder Descant "Alouette"
Dark Brown and Ivory One Piece Clear and bright tone. Fixed thumb rest makes easy in ha..
Chord Chroma 12 Chromatic Harmonica
Professional 12 hole, 48 note chromatic harmonica in the key of C major with spring copper alloy ..
Hohner Big River Harp Harmonica
We have applied the same high standards of quality to the design of our beginner‘s model Big Rive..
Hohner Blues Harp MS Harmonica
Another Blues Legend Every now and again, a branded article achieves such a high degree o..
Hohner Echo Celeste Harmonica
Sweet Sound. How sweet the sound of our most versatile tremolo.  An expanded note capabi..
Hohner Hot metal Harp Harmonica
Harmonica is not only a great instrument for blues and folk. Its dirty sound also fits harder mus..
Levante Soprano Recorder
Soprano recorder, German fingering 3-piece Plastic construction Incl. bag an..
Shaker Crystal Hand Made Harmonica Microphone
The Crystal Shaker is a Hi-Z microphone with more of an accurate sound, with less tonal coloratio..
Sweetone Penny Whistle - C"
Clarkes Sweetone C Whislte in Silver Traditional tapering tin tube with moulded black p..
The Celtic Tin Whistle - D
One cannot hear a slow air played with depth of feeling on a Tinwhistle by a true Celt without be..