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Luxury Plectrums

A Wide Range of Luxury Guitar & Bass Plectrums

Timber Tones are commited to designing the very best Guitar 
Picks to really bring out the tone of your guitar.

Timber Tones are an Eco Friendly product using off cuts and 
bi-products wherever possible.

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Metal finger and thumb pick set
Includes: 4 x Dunlop metal finger picks - .018 1x Dunlop Thumb pick ..
Timber Tones Luxury Wooden Plectrums
Timber Tones are made from 18 exotic timbers arranged in hardness order. The materials used are p..
Timber Tones "Jazz Tones" Plectrums
Jazz Tones are modelled on the classic 'Jazz III' shape, although ours are 2mm thick with a chamf..
Timber Tones "Bone Tones" Plectrums
Bone Tones are manufactured from Buffalo Horn and Bone, both of which are bi-products from farmin..
Timber Tones "Planet Tones" Plectrums
Timber Tones Metal Tones Brass Guitar Plectrum
MATERIAL: BRASS SUITABLE FOR: We recommend Metal Tones for Electric Guitar. T..
Timber Tones Metal Tones Copper Guitar Plectrum
MATERIAL Copper INSTRUMENT We recommend Metal Tones for Electric Guitar. TONE Copper is..
Timber Tones "Groove Tones" Plectrums
Groove Tones are one of the most comfortable plectrums to hold as they have a dimple for t..
Timber Tones "Shell Tones" Plectrums
Shell Tones are manufactured from various Mother of Pearls and Mussel shell. They are hard wearin..
Timber Tones "Stone Tones" Plectrums
Stone Tones are manufactured from reconstituted Stone, which contains a small amount of resin. Th..
Timber Tones "Tri Tones" Plectrums
Tri Tones are made by laminating African Ebony between softer and more grippy timbers. Ebony is..
Jumping Cow Banjo/Ukulele Plectrum
Jumping Cow is the name of our leather plectrum - great for use on ukulele and banjo. &..
Jumping Cow Felt  Banjo/Ukulele Plectrum
Our popular Ukulele plectrums made of a Soft wool felt Soft natural wool felt is great for s..