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Thunderplugs Ear Plugs

Thunderplugs Ear Plugs
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Thunderplugs were devised in Amsterdam by musicians Quinten Huigen and Koen Brouwer for their company Safe Ears. The creative impetus for hearing protection was necessity; by the time he was just 15-years-old, Quinten had developed tinnitus from years of live, loud and aurally unguarded performance.

  • Thunderplugs Earplugs – One Pair including Aluminium Carry Case
  • The patented Thunder Plugs design filters sound, ensuring you still hear the music properly while protecting your hearing against high decebil sound levels.
  • Designed to comfortably and descreetly fit into your ear (whatever your size), Thunder Plugs have a handy pull tab to allow you to easily remove or insert them.
  • Comes with a protective aluminium keychain case, so you can keep them safe and carry them anywhere

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